Thursday, October 15, 2009



Gee Hale said...

Each of these pages are epic, man! This isn't a moleskine though, is it? I hope the book is going well, Andrew!

Elm said...

Thanks man. It's done in a generic A5 sketchbook, paper feels like catridge. Will have to check out the moleskines when I'm through with this SB. Don't suppose you know where I can find moleskines for under $30ish?? Maybe even blackmarket moleskines haha.

Book's going alright, just have to stop slacking off and get down to work. Time somehow slips away when belting out the songs from RENT. O_o

Gee Hale said...

Hahah! Great! Looking forward to the finish book and get you to sign it for me!!! :P You want the rectangulr moleskine yeah? That one is NEVER under $30. But they sell the thin ones in 3 per packet for about $25. Soft cover. You still keeping in touch with TAFE peeps?

Elm said...

Sweet, will check them softcovers out. Tafe peeps? I shoot off the occasional msn message or lurk around their facebook, blog, and/or other equivalent sites. Typing that just made me realise how sad it sounds, haha. Gotta get out more when the book is done, maybe join up with the CA sketchmeets (maybe even get around to actually signing up to CA).

How's the portfolio/exhibition stuff coming along? When is it happening? I might head over just to swipe a few business cards and lower your chances of employment by 1% or so. :P

Gee Hale said...


Yeah, you should join CA and come to our sketch meets. Sometimes, I just go with a few a people to just get out, stretch my back and sketch at a park or something.

The folio is going great! I think I've got the system working now. Before I couldnt really present the artwork nicely with one another. I've got 32 pages all up, a bit too much you think? Edwina thought I need to put more, I had originally 24 pages.
How many pages did you have?

Yeah, you should come and check out the exhibition! It's on the 7th of November, I think.

if you got facebook, add me bro! I'm under Ferdi's friendslist or just type my name :P

Elm said...

7th Nov? that soon? which also happens to be ... today. >.<

I had 32 pages too, and with plenty of blank space, seems a bit slim now though. Guess it's all about how you juggle the over all feel of the book. Maybe you can cobble together a 'volume 2'. Scratch that, you should - nay - you WILL make a volume 2 :P

Gee Hale said...

Hahah oopsie! It's 3rd of december actualy, I think! :p

Yeah, I may have to go to 30 pages. Barry and Dee thinks that it's a bit 'too much'. Not sure though...I've go too much stuff, but will have to work out which to take out. That's the most annoying process of this whole thing! So, you're coming or what? And i think you guys didn;t have a3 folio did you? Seems smaller. Ours are huge! I should've gottten an a4 instead :p

Elm said...

Haha, a lot of the folios last year hovered in the grey area between a4-ish and a3. I ended up with 345x280mm based on halving golden rectangles, divine proportions and all that jazz.

Knowing what I know now, my advice would be (course this is without having actually seen how you've approached the folio so feel free to disregard :P ): if you're working large format, make sure the layout of the DPS has room to breathe (where the eye can relax ie, empty space; take a look at fine art coffee table books) especially if the artwork/s have a lot of action and detail. A lot of mainstream concept art books are really intense and jam packed, and there's a danger of having so much action on the page, and if it runs throughout the book that people will just gloss over it all. I think that's what they mean by "a bit too much".
If you have a lot to get in consider scaling down highly detailed artwork to the size of postage stamps and tastefully arranging them across the spread with tiny san serif captions. Once you've hooked the viewer with the first few spreads, they'll probably be willing to press their faces into the page to examine minute details. That's my theory anyway. At the end of the day, when all things have been considered, it all boils down to a matter of personal taste.

Gee Hale said...

Thanks for the input, bro! Really needed that. Yeah, I made sure I have enough empty space. May have to make it more, ;spacey' actually.

Mine is very simple format. I'm not too worry about the arrangement (althiugh maybe I should now that I think about it). I just have the artwork and captions placed on the same spot for each page.

I shall go and work on them again now haha!

Thanks again man! Oh, where was your printed? Just local's or somewhere in the city?

Elm said...

used some ridiculously expensive place (SOS) because I was desperate, and other printers didn't get back to me in time if at all.

Check out digitalpress in surry hills; be sure to deal with the quote and technical details via their site before visiting; I went in, and their sales rep was out and the guys there told me to email him first. Took about 2 weeks for that to happen.

Or FCProductions in Lilyfield; courtesy of Ferdie.

Gee Hale said...

Thanks, dude! yeah, I was thinking of going to digitalpress, but found this place at good ol' Chinatown and can get my folio printed for less than $60!!! Thanks to Ferdie, too! :D Wish me luck!

Elm said...

Best of luck, and hope you don't have any dramas with the binding!